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Friday 30 October 2009

Musée du Parfum

The Perfume Museum in Paris houses the history of perfume making. There are bottles of perfume lined up on the rack that the arrangement is named 'Perfume Organ'. Does it look like an organ to you?

I didn't know before this that the ancient perfume making involved giant brass boilers! I would have mistaken this setup as producing some sophisticated chemical if I were to see it somewhere else.

Other than those perfume making apparatus, most of the other displays are perfume bottles dating from ancient Egypt until the not so distant modern day.

Wednesday 28 October 2009

Kenny Sia's Secret Project

Some photographers and bloggers were invited to a media preview of Kenny Sia's 'secret' project on last Sunday, 25th October 2009. I was very honoured to be invited as a 'photographer' and I was happy to have another great outing with a bunch of friends in photography.

The 'secret' has been revealed to us on this day. The fitness centre has three levels. Level one is for muscle building.

Other than the models, Kenny Sia himself co-starred for us in the photo shooting session as well.

Level two is full of equipment for cardiological workout and fat burning. This has got to be the level that I'll keep going back once I am officially a member. I seriously need to burn away a lot of body fat!

There is also a small corner on level two where the members can use the inflated rubber balls to do some light muscle toning.

The changing rooms are also on level two. This was the first time that all male photographers were allowed to enter the female changing room.

We were later led to enter level three where the studio is. This will be the hall where the yoga, aerobic and body combat classes are conducted.

At the end of the photo session, we all lined up for a mandatory group photo. Even the photographers were not exempted! The people in the photo include some pretty lady bloggers like Annna and Rose Wong.

We were later invited for a refreshment and everybody was given a goody bag inclusive of a one-month free membership. I have been there twice to work out and I am beginning to like it. I will be going to sign up as a long-term member on this coming Saturday while the special offer package of RM99/month is still valid.

Sunday 25 October 2009

Kuching is Beautiful

I went to hunt for sunset at two different locations for the past two consecutive days and I am quite satisfied with the results. I would like to share two of the photos I have taken. Do enjoy the view.

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