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Saturday 31 January 2015

A Lamborghini Experience in Prague

After we had finished with the tour itinerary in Prague, there was still a few hours of free time. Therefore, we went on window shopping as well as some real shopping. Since my sister shopped in a high-end shop and made the salesperson very happy, we requested her for recommendation of good coffee nearby. She said: "Lamborghini!" without any hesitation and pointed us the direction.



Even though we had obtained the information on direction, it still took us a while to find as the café isn't called 'Lamborghini' but it serves 'Tonino Lamborghini' coffee. If not for the packets of coffee on display, we could have missed it. There is no doubt that this was one of the best coffees we had in this trip.


Since it was afternoon tea time, we ordered some items to go with the coffee. We choose the strawberry mouse cake and tiramisu. These cakes were unexpectedly good. Do not be deceived by their looks!



We were extremely satisfied with this tea break and Prague left a very good impression again in my travel journal, for the third time!


Sunday 25 January 2015

A Sunny Day in Prague After the Flood

It was the 5th of June in year 2013. It had been raining heavily in Eastern Europe for more than a week before this day. We had been watching the news on television of the flood happening in Prague a few days before this day. The rain had finally subsided before this day when we arrived at Prague. The 5th of June in year 2013 in Prague was a sunny day.

It was the first and only sunny day on the whole tour and we made full use out of it to roam around Prague. The first stop was non other than the famed Prague Castle.




Although it was already the third time for me to visit the St. Vitus Cathedral, I still couldn't resist to take more pictures of the interior. It is one of the most beautiful churches I have visited in Europe.



The tour also included a visit to the Old Royal Palace. As it was already my third visit, I did not take too many photos on the inside.


The Golden Lane is a very prominent part of Prague Castle, therefore it couldn't be missed for our tour.



Even though the rain had subsided, the water level of the Vltava River was still very high. The water flow was so rapid that Charles Bridge had to be closed to the public.



Since nobody was allowed to get on to Charles Bridge, all the tourists got on to the adjacent bridge to admire it.


As we were approaching the Old Town Square, we could still see the water barrier set up to stop the flood water from entering the Square.


It was business as usual at the Old Town Square. There wasn't any sign of flooding that hit Prague two days ago.



The Astronomical Clock was still running and putting a head-up show at every right hour.


The Jan Hus Memorial was still standing steadily after the flood.


Everything was looking good despite the flood. The Church of Our Lady before Týn was still as good looking as before.



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