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Wednesday 28 December 2016

The Milky Way at Huagou Village

When we were staying at the hostel of Huigou Village (花沟村) of the Dongchuan Hongtudi (东川红土地) region at the Yunnan Province (云南省), we were waken up by our tour leader just after midnight for a photography opportunity. Although all of us were still half asleep, we woke up and grabbed our gear and began to explore the village for a shooting location. Once we had found one, we did not hesitate but set up our camera and started shooting. It was all worthwhile to sacrifice and good night sleep for a photography opportunity like this.





Saturday 24 December 2016

The Old Folks of Huagou Village

When we were on a photography expedition at the Dongchuan Hongtudi (东川红土地) region of Yunnan Province (云南省), we took one afternoon to roam around the village where our hostel is situated. The village is called Huigou Village (花沟村). When we were moving around, we found an old couple that the husband was paralysed. The wife was taking care of the husband all by herself. Although life was not easy, the couple was contented with their lives in the village.





Later in the afternoon after visiting a local primary school, we also met with another old folk who was living alone. We chatted with him and my travelmate offered him cigarretes. His life was simple and can be considered subsistence, but he was happy with his life.



Monday 12 December 2016

The Cart Riders

One of the most common modes of transport at the Dongchuan Hongtudi (东川红土地) region of Yunnan Province (云南省) is the cart pulled by cow or donkey. Although it is a common scene around this region, it was really challenging to take shots of the moving cart, not to mention the moving vehicle that we were in. I missed quite a lot of opportunities to take shots like these but luckily I still have a few succesful shots.



Sunday 11 December 2016

The Maze Farmer

When we were at the Dongchuan Hongtudi (东川红土地) region of Yunnan Province (云南省) for a photography expedition, we were driven around by our hostel host. Whenever we saw something interesting, we would ask him to stop the vehicle at a safe spot for us to get down to shoot photos, with no exception by the roadside. These photos are of a farmer working in his maze farm just by the the roaside.



Thursday 8 December 2016

The Myrica Rubra Bag

On one morning, our hostel host brought us to a hidden gem at the Dongchuan Hongtudi (东川红土地) region of Yunnan Province (云南省) that is named after the Chinese bayberry or Myrica rubra (杨梅). The name of the place literally means the Chinese bayberry bag (杨梅包). This place is also full of the highland barley plantations and there the a vantage point overlooking the valley which offers fantastic view. It was a surprise from the hostel host for bringing us there as not many visitors to this region know about this place. It is indeed a hidden gem.





Friday 2 December 2016

The Three Trees

There is a place at the Dongchuan Hongtudi (东川红土地) region of Yunnan Province (云南省) that is called the Three Trees (三棵树). It is a place full of wind turbines to harvest the energy from the wind. We were there to photograph some scenery of the place and I came home with these shots.





Saturday 26 November 2016

Sunset at Wafangliangzi

We went to Wafangliangzi (瓦房梁子) of the Dongchuan Hongtudi (东川红土地) region during the late afternoon just to wait for the sunset. Luckily the weather was with us and we were able to capture some satisfactory shots.





Friday 18 November 2016

The Peasants at Wafangliangzi

When we were capturing the landscape at Wafangliangzi (瓦房梁子) of the Dongchuan Hongtudi (东川红土地) region during the late afternoon, it was time for the peasants to carry their harvest and herds home. Therefore, I had a chance to shoot photos of them heading home.





Friday 11 November 2016

The Highland Barley at Wafangliangzi

Highland barley is one of the main crops that is grown at the Dongchuan Hongtudi (东川红土地) region of Yunnan Province. When we were there, most of the highland barley fields were already harvested. We were lucky to find a field full of the golden crops at Wafangliangzi (瓦房梁子), so it was time to snap, snap, and snap!





Tuesday 8 November 2016

The Late Afternoon Sun at Wafangliangzi

By the time we arrived at Wafangliangzi (瓦房梁子), it was already late afternoon. We set out to take some photos of the landscape while waiting for sunset. The scorching sun is always a nice subject when put together with some plants in the foreground, so I took back these photos with me from the Dongchuan Hongtudi (东川红土地) region of Yunnan Province.





Saturday 5 November 2016

The Haystacks at Wafangliangzi

When we were at the Dongchuan Hongtudi (东川红土地) region of Yunnan Province for a photography trip, it was the harvestig season for the highland barley. Therefore, there were haystacks on the terraced plantations at Wafangliangzi (瓦房梁子). The haystacks form an interesting subject for landscape photography. Hence, I came back with these photos of the haystacks.





Saturday 29 October 2016

The Terrace of Pinglu

When we were at Dongchuan Hongtudi (東川紅土地) region, we passed by a place called Pinglu (平路). This place has a terraced plantation of highland barley and also potato. The golden yellow highland barley and the green leaves of the potato form layers of colours intermittently which is a good subject for landscape photography.



Saturday 22 October 2016

The Old Folks at Wafangliangzi

One of the hot spots for photography at the Dongchuan Hongtudi (东川红土地) region of Yunnan Province is called Wafangliangzi (瓦房梁子). When we were there, there were two local old folks hanging around at the place. One of them is the most photographed old folk who is appearing randomly at different locations in traditional attire with his dog. Most photographers who have ever been there would have come back with some photos of him.





Saturday 15 October 2016

The Thousand-year-old Dragon Tree

There is a lone tree on a hill at Dongchuan Hongtudi (東川紅土地) region that is named the Thousand-year-old Dragon Tree. Until today, I am still in doubt that whether the tree is really a thousand years old or it is just a name.



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