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Friday 12 February 2016

Chinese New Year 2016

Today is already the fifth day of Chinese New Year (CNY) and the first four days just passed by in a blink of an eye. Prior to CNY this year, there was a promotion by LEGO where a set of The Year of the Monkey was given free-of-charge with a purchase of RM200 or more in a single receipt, so I obtained two of these limited edition sets.





It is also a tradition for banks and shopping centres to give away free angpao packets. Therefore, I have collected quite a few types of them.


Our open house tradition has been the same since the day I could recall CNY celebration. We always serve cakes and cookies to all the guests visiting us. Almost all the CNY goodies were prepared by my sister-in-law.



This year my photographer friends were also having house crawling as usual. We first visited Foosi's house.


Then we all moved over to my house. We took a group photo on the same settee two years ago. This year we were trying to emulate the group photo in year 2014 even though with a few missing group members.



We also had a pre-wedding photoshoot for two couples (although one couple has been officially married) at my house. It was really a fun session with all the drinks, food and jokes.



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