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Saturday 3 November 2012


Sharing has got two restaurants in Kuching. Initially, we planned to go to Sharing Planet which is more secluded. However, it was a Wednesday that is the rest day for Sharing Planet. We ended up at Sharing Downtown which is right in the heart of Kuching city.

Although I had been to Sharing Downtown once before this, I had not tasted the food until this recent visit. This dinner was a treat from our ex-students cum research assistants and I appreciate the dinner very much. Thanks to you all!


The meal I had was a grilled fish fillet in lemon butter sauce. The dory fish fillet was quite juicy and most of the flavouring and sweetness came from the lemon butter sauce. It was quite a good item to have if you are a fish person.


The most expensive item on the fish menu is the salmon steak. I gotta try this out on my next visit!


My colleague who is a fan of fish and chips did not miss out! This fish and chips serving was huge. It definitely can feed a big eater well.


The serving size of the chicken cutlet was huge too. It came in three layers. The presentation was quite appetising.


This mixed grill is definitely not to serve a single person! However, a big eater try to challenge oneself. There were four types of meat in one serving.


Thanks to the students again for paying the bill, and the entertainer of the night, Mr. Prabu.

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