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Wednesday 11 November 2009

A Morning Stroll Along River Seine

Before visiting Paris, I have heard a lot of romanticism about River Seine. This river winds through the heart of the city and couldn't be missed as most of the places of interest are scattered along this river.

With the river cutting Paris into left and right banks, there is certainly a need of bridges connecting them back.

On one fine morning, I took a stroll to try to get that romantic feeling but I couldn't feel it at all. Probably I wasn't there at the right time. Furthermore, I was alone.

I could only see River Seine as a mean of river transport.

With all the boat houses berthing along the riverbank, this river also provides the resources for the people who can't afford to live on land. This was perhaps a little pinch of romanticism I could feel at that moment.

Since I was missing that romantic feeling part, I continued walking along the river in search of places of interest. A police station is not quite an interesting place, I guess, as I spent almost two hours to lodge a report about the incidence of pick-pocketing at another one.

When I was almost reaching Notre Dame, I took another look at River Seine and went on to visit the most prominent church in Paris.

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