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Tuesday 30 April 2013

Eating in Kota Kinabalu: New WK Restaurant (Luyang)

During our recent to Taiwan, we stopped over at Kota Kinabalu. As the connecting flight was more than six hours away, we had to have lunch in Kota Kinabalu. We enquired about the seafood restaurants at the Tourist Information Centre and we were told that seafood is hard to find for lunch.

We have always heard that Kota Kinabalu has good dim sum, so my sister called her friend to ask for recommendation. We were directed to the New WK Restaurant (Luyang). As we were only told the Chinese name of the restaurant, we had some difficulty finding it at Damai Point as where we were told. After asking around the local people and having the taxi driver to call his friend, it was actually opposite Damai Point where the sign points to Lintas Superstore.

The effort spent on finding the restaurant wasn't wasted as the har kaw and siew mai were so nice. The prawns used to make them were so fresh that we could taste the ocean flavour.



The siew mai with dried scallop was not as good as the ordinary siew mai. However, it was still quite good if no comparison was made.


The yum puffs were just quite ordinary and the cha siew puffs had too much buttery taste.



The siao long bao was up to standard but not extraordinary.


The cheong fan was a miss. The steamed rice-flour sheet was harder than it should be and the shrimps were overcooked. We told the restaurant manager about it and she promised to take note and improve on it.


The fried kuay tiaw with beef slices was quite nice but it would have been better if the kuay tiaw was fried a little longer.


It was still a very satisfying meal even though the restaurant missed on the cheong fan. The har kaw and siew mai saved the day.

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