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Saturday 25 August 2012

Savouring Italian Food in Singapore

When I arrived Singapore in the evening of 4th of August, my sister-in-law picked me up at the airport and we went for my nephew's debate competition. Our initial plan was to ditch him there and went indulging in our own dinner. My nephew who has such high sense on good food didn't allow us to leave the venue because he sensed that he's going to miss out something. So, we sat through the debate sessions and it was an interesting experience listening to inexperienced debate speakers churning out their ideas.

When the debate was over, it was already past 9 p.m. We quickly called up Otto Locanda to check whether we could still dine there. Luckily the answer was that the last food order is at 9.30 p.m.


I was quite hungry and when the bread was served, I gobbled quite a few slices with the olive oil in vinegar dip. The bread was good, with crispy crust and chewy inner texture.


Our first antipasto was the Venetian salt cod Baccalà Mantecato served on polenta crouton (SGD24.00). This was a very refreshing appetiser as the ground fish paste was very smooth with subtle taste of fish. The polenta crouton were like chips.


Another must-have antipasto here is the deep-fried Calamari Fritti with spicy tomato sauce (SGD22.00). To call them calamari rings is an understatement. They should be called calamari tubes!


The spicy tomato sauce was a well-matched dip to the calamari fritti. The outer crust was crispy and the squid was still juicy inside.


The zucchini chips that came with it were crispy and made a very good snacks. We dug out all the chips and gobbled up every piece of it.


The primi my brother ordered for us were spaghetti with Vongole in white wine and Italian parsley sauce (SGD26.00) and linguine with seafood allo Scoglio with fresh tomatoes and parsley (SGD26.00). The spaghetti with Vongole was a little too salty to my taste bud, but my nephew loves it. He can wallop up the whole plate whenever my brother brings him here. I preferred the linguine with seafood as all the seafood items were very fresh.



The secondi we had were grain-fed beef Tagliata with arugula and parmesan cheese shavings (SGD38.00) and Rosemary scented char-grilled Braciola pork chop (SGD36.00). The medium-rare beef slices were splendid! It's especially delicious when eaten with the parmesan cheese. I liked the succulent pork chop too but I was too full to eat much of it. The meat was tender and came with strong fragrance of char grill.



To cap it off we had dolci of Tiramisu’ Otto Locanda Style (SGD12.00) and meringue cake Meringata with chocolate sauce (SGD12.00). The tiramisu was great with very creamy texture and very subtle taste of liquor. The meringue was even more fabulous, one of the best desserts on my gastronomic diary! It tasted like ice cream yet smoother and more refreshing.



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