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Friday 12 July 2013

The Nicholas that is the Nicholas

Two years ago, I misread that there was no entrance fee to the St. Nicholas Church at Lesser Town Square. In fact, the section that I read in the travel guide was for the St. Nicholas at the Old Town Square. I had not enough time to visit this St. Nicholas Church with free entrance two years ago, but I finally made it to the inside of the church this year on my third trip to Prague.


This St. Nicholas Church was completed in 1735 by the same architect who constructed the St. Nicholas Church at Lesser Town Square. Therefore, there are many similarities between these two St. Nicholas churches.


The design of the church is baroque style from the inside to the outside. Some people even call the church a wedding cake of the Old Town Square because it is just so pleasing to the eyes.


During World War II, the Czech army units stationed at the church helped in the restoration of the church alongside the artists of that era. The visually splendid stucco decorations above the ground that we see today are the hard work of these people during those days.


Nowadays, this church functions as a church in the day and a concert hall by the evening. We actually wanted to listen to the concert session starting at 5 p.m. but the time set by our tour guide to meet up did not permit us to do so.


I guess that to experience a concert session here, it has to be on my fourth trip to Prague. I also don't know why I ended up in Prague thrice, but Prague just has this charm to make me there again and again.


Before I finish up this post, I googled for St. Nicholas Church again and found out that these two St. Nicholas churches that I have been to are not the only churches with the same name. There is another St. Nicholas Church in Vršovice!

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