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Saturday 20 August 2011

Prague Castle

Prague Castle would be on the top of the list of itinerary for any tourist visiting Prague. Visiting Prague without going to the Prague Castle is not complete. Sitting on top of the hill, the castle is visible from any angle along Vltava River.

It is free-of-charge to roam the castle ground, but there are some entrance fees to pay to go inside the buildings. There are several types of ticket, and I opted for the Short Visit which costs 250 CZK (about RM50). I paid another 50 CZK (about RM10) for the Photo License. Without the Photo License, you are not allowed to take photos inside the buildings. The Czechs really have a way of reaping the tourists! Note the small camera stamp on the ticket for the Photo License.

The Short Visit ticket includes the admission to four sights. The main sight has to be the St. Vitus Cathedral. However, entering the foyer of the cathedral is free-of-charge. To go further into the nave, admission ticket is required.

The other three sights that the Short Visit ticket cover are the Basilica of St. George,

Old Royal Palace, and

Golden Lane.

I will blog about these sights in more details in my impending posts. Please stay tuned.

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