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Sunday 19 October 2014

The Hungarian Dinner and Dance

Our dinner in Budapest was in a courtyard setting with a centre stage facing the dinning tables. Before our dinner was served, there was live Hungarian music to start with. It was followed by dance performance whilst our dinner was served.



The appetiser was a simple vegetable salad with cabbage and a slice of tomato.


The soup was beef goulash, which is a typical Hungarian version with chunks of beef, potato and carrot.


The main course was rice with pork cutlet and bacon. The rice had a little sweetness compared to our Asian version. The beef cutlet was juicy and tender and the bacon was crispy and crunchy with a salty taste to go with the rice.


The dessert was pudding cake with chocolate and vanilla toppings served with a scoop of fresh cream. The sweetness of the Hungarian dessert was just right.


It was a fantastic dinner in the courtyard with music and dance performance to go with it. If you are in Hungary, don't miss out a dinner of this kind from your itinerary.

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