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Sunday 1 July 2012

Parents & Children

In Japan, there are many chain outlets selling fast food that is much healthier than the American burger chains. One of the examples is this Maguro-Ichiba. Its outlets sprawled around the crowded areas of Tokyo.

For group diners, there are tables for four set in the small dining hall.

For single or couple diners, this is a bar table just in front of the kitchen.

One type of common food in this kind of chain restaurants is called the "Parents & Children" set meal. Literally, it is a set meal with chicken and egg, or fish with roe. It is not a set meal for the family as I first thought it was.

This is a bowl of "Parents & Children" don I had at Maguro-Ichiba, one of my very first Japanese meals in downtown Tokyo. It was rice topped with salmon sashimi and roe. Oishi desu!

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