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Saturday 29 June 2013

Around Half the World in Six Days

I have set a travelling record for myself recently in which I traversed more than half round the world in just six days. I guess I will never do that again as it was really hectic to get from one time zone to another in such short duration.


The reason I had to do so much air travel in such a short period of time was that my Eastern Europe tour cum Ireland holiday was back to back with my conference trip to Hawaii. My return flight for my holiday was on 11/6/2013 via London Heathrow Airport with the connecting flight from Singapore to Kuching on 12/6/2013.


Four days later on 16/6/2013 without fully recovered from jet lag, I was already on my way to Singapore again to catch my connecting flight on the next day to Tokyo Narita and then to Hawaii.


On 17/6/2013, I arrived at Hawaii slightly later than 7:00 a.m. local time with a very sleepy mood. Since Hawaii is 18 hours behind Malaysia, I got very confused with the time. Even more so that I was at a time zone that is 7 hours behind Malaysia just about six days ago.


That was one experience that I guess I won't repeat as it is really tiring. I wonder how all the frequent fliers cope with all those jet lag thingy due to rapid change in time zones.

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