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Wednesday 17 November 2010

Photo Slide Shows

I have been learning and playing around with photo slide show creator lately. It is quite fun doing it. Coupled with the right music, it sets the mood just right for the photos.

The first show I created is named Café Lumière as I shot the photos in a café. Then I chose a song with a romantic and jazzy mood to spice up the cozy café environment. This song is 'It wasn't Paris, it was you' by Nancy Holloway.

My second creation is called the Sentimental Moments. I shot the photos in another café of my friend and this time I added more scene animation. The lyrics of the song that I chose coincidentally sync with the pictures well at some parts. It was not intentional but an added bonus. If you are interested in the song, it is called 'Talk to me while I'm listening' by one of my favourite Irish singers Frances Black.

The third one is In the Mood for Love of Kartrina. The song is my all time favourite, 'Baby, now that I've found you' by Alison Krauss, my favourite female country-folk singer.

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