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Saturday 14 July 2012

Yamecha Chocolate

The 5th Engineering Conference (EnCon 2012) is finally over! It has been a hectic month manning the conference proceedings and it's now time to relax.

I had been craving for some Japanese snacks as you can see from my previous posts. I think the deity of food must have heard my wish as the conference keynote speaker from Singapore brought me a box of green tea chocolate from Fukuoka, Japan!

The Japanese are very meticulous about the packaging of food. All packets are arranged in proper array. That is already a feast on the eyes.

Every piece of chocolate is individually wrapped in colourful packaging. That is something that can be admired before opening up the packet.

The content actually looks as good as the packaging. The different shades of green complement each other well.

When I put this piece of green tea chocolate in my mouth, I could immediately recall all the good time I had in Japan. I wonder when I will revisit this country full of colourful and meticulous packaging.

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