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Friday 20 January 2017

Happy Studying

When we were at the primary school of Huigou Village (花沟村) at the Dongchuan Hongtudi (东川红土地) region of Yunnan Province (云南省), were were lucky that the headmaster permitted us to shoot photos in the classroom. The students were very happy in the classroom studying on their own while the teacher was attempting to each student on their homework. Most of the students were serious about their studies except a few playful ones. However, no matter how playful they were, the books were still in their hands.









The exam season was just over at the university that I am working in and I am sad to say that more than half of the class failed my subject. It came to me as no surprise as I can gauge the students' performance to their attitude in class. When I conducted the tutorial class, more than half of the class did not attempt to any of the tutorial questions. I had already warned them that if that's their attitude, they are expected to fail the subject. This is reflected clearly in their results.

As compared to the primary students I met at Huigou Village (花沟村), the university students I have in the city are lightyears behind these primary school students who are underpriviledged. Maybe it is the easy life in the city that shapes the bad attitude of students towards the importance of education. Students who undergo hardship will learn to appreciate the opportunity they have in education. Well, maybe it is just human nature to take things for granted.

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