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Saturday 29 March 2008

Can't Have Enough of the Portuguese Egg Tarts

Portuguese egg tarts are everywhere in Macao, but we went all the way to Coloane Village for the one that is featured all over in blogs and magazines. We were quite curious whether the other cafes do served the egg tarts with the same quality, so we tried.

Margaret's Cafe e Nata is located at the shop houses next to the shop where we had everything with pork chop.

The egg tarts actually looked and tasted the same as those at Lord Stow's Bakery. So, you don't have to actually take the trouble to travel quite a distance to Coloane Village if you are in a hurry. Margaret's Cafe e Nata is just right in the heart of Macao's city centre.

The egg tarts I brought back to Kuching for my family were from Margaret's Cafe e Nata, and they liked them very much.

Friday 28 March 2008

Everything about Pork Chop

When we were hunting for a place for breakfast in Macao on one day, we smelled something good coming out from a small lane just opposite the Grand Lisboa. So, we ventured in! To our surprise, there was a row of shop houses lined with eateries. We chose the one with the most customers to be on the safe side.

The interior has no decor to talk about. It is just a typical coffee shop where the people congregate.

Macao is famous for anything to do with pork chop, so I ordered a bowl of pork-chop noodles (猪扒麵) with the wiggly noodles (公仔麵). This was really a nice bowl of noodles! I'm still craving for it now!

The pork chop in a bun (猪扒包) is also a must have item in Macao, so, even I was already satisfied with the bowl of noodles, I still gobbled up one bun.

If you see a small lane lined with motorcycles, you are very near to the food already.

Still can't find the place? Look for this place on the map or just ask the local people for direction. If you are somewhere near Grand Lisboa, you are very close to this place already.

Thursday 27 March 2008

Venice is in China

The latest hangout place for the gamblers is probably The Venetian which was only open a couple of months back. Almost every landmark in Venice has been replicated here. If you just look at those landmarks from a distance, you would have thought that you are really in Venice.

The Campanile (bell tower) was built with all the details intake.

The scaled-down Palazzo Ducale (Doge's Palace) also looks like the real structure in Venice.

The lining up of replicas did not stop at the outdoor structures, it is actually extended to the interior. Oh my! They really want you to have hallucination!

I was expecting to see the replica of Basilica di San Marco at the St. Mark's Square but unfortunately it wasn't built. Only the clock tower was there.

There were also 'replicas' of street artistes.

The washroom was definitely well-worth a visit, as I know now the definition of a 'golden toilet.'

Even the mosaics on the ceiling were replicated, except that the replica was painted on.

I almost believed that I was in Venice, if not for the noise of dice rolling and playing cards shuffling.

Wednesday 26 March 2008

Macao Food Got Enough

After a few days of indulgence in food, shopping and sight-seeing in Hong Kong, we headed back to Macao to spend our last two days of vacation. We weren't paying much attention to the casinos anymore. What we cared about was food!

After the incidence of having difficulty to find the authentic Macao food, we decided to look for food further away from the town centre. So we boarded the bus heading to Coloane Village, whilst fighting for space with the school children!

There is a legendary bakery at the Coloane Town Square that is said to serve the best Portuguese egg tarts. Any food hunter in Macao wouldn't miss that. That includes the three of us!

All the egg tarts are hand-made by these experienced aunties, so there shouldn't be any compromise on quality in this 19-year old bakery.

There were many other things around, but they just couldn't catch much of our attention.

All we cared about were the the egg tarts!

Most of the patrons like to sit on the benches outside the bakery but the three of us preferred to be different. So, we went hunting for a more cosy place to indulge ourselves in the egg tarts.

The slightly charred custard surface and the multi-layered pastry make them different from the egg tarts in Hong Kong.

After tasting the egg tarts, Macao had salvaged itself from my criticism of 'Macao Food No Enough.' Feeling satisfied, we went strolling the historical streets around Coloane Town Square to admire the charm of old times.

When we were about to leave, there were still many people flocking into Lord Stow's Bakery for the egg tarts although it was already near closing time.

Wordless Wednesday – Indulgence

Sunday 23 March 2008

A Day at Causeway Bay

Causeway Bay (铜锣湾) in Hong Kong is quite a well-known place in which a restaurant in Kuching is named after it. However, dining in this restaurant is no way near the atmosphere on the busy streets.

The wet market was really an eye-opener for me. I haven't seen so much living seafood in my life! All this while, I have only seen most of them on the dining table.

Causeway Bay is also a place where people flock there to by the dried sea produce. I am not sure whether it is cheaper there, but it is definitely fresher.

Besides sea produce, some Chinese herbs are also available. It is the Chinese way of life to use sea produce and herbs to replenish the nutrition of the body.

Although bird's nests are not sea produce, they are also available here.

These are the Chinese mitten crabs (大闸蟹) which can be very expensive. I had it once only when my sister-in-law brought them back from Shanghai.

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