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Friday 23 November 2012

The Gardens by the Bay

The latest addition to the tourist attractions in Singapore has got to be the 'Gardens by the Bay' which is just next to the Marina Bay Sands. It is sitting on a reclaimed land which shaped the Singapore shore into straight lines. There was a joke saying that you can draw the Singapore map with a ruler thanks to the reclamation work. Well, back to the park, it has a size of 101 hectares.



The most outstanding feature of the park is the Supertree Grove. It has nothing to do with Superman. Neither Superwoman, Superboy nor Supergirl. I don't know why they are called the Supertrees, but they are just concrete and steel trees.



There is an elevated platform hanging on the Supertrees which you have to pay to get on. With the cheapskate tourist in me, I didn't go up. I only roamed around the grove with my camera and tripod.



The Marina Bay Sands becomes part of the view from the grove and it can be quite interesting by nightfall.


The Supertrees come to 'life' in the evening with the glowing lights. I am still not convinced that they are trees. They are just man-made structures.




There is a lake in the park that offers a good view of the Marina Bay Sands thanks to the mirror-like reflection on the lake.


When I got back to the path leading back to the Marina Bay Sands again, I saw the Supertrees again. There are just some glowing structures, not trees!


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