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Saturday 4 October 2008

Sapporo TV Tower

One of the landmarks in Sapporo City is a 147.2 metre high tower for broadcasting purposes built in 1957. The Sapporo TV Tower is occupying the eastern end of Odori Park, the most prominent park right in the centre of Sapporo.


At late evening, the lighting will lit the entire steel frame of the tower to provide a view very similar to Tokyo Tower.


There are digital clocks at all four sides of the tower. Time is really a precious element for the Japanese people.


There is a lift to the observation deck at a height of 90.38 metres for a good panoramic view of Sapporo.


The flower bed contest display can be a very good foreground to view Sapporo TV Tower. I sat on a bench under the gentle gust to enjoy a wonderful afternoon while admiring the tower and watching the people.


I enjoyed very much the view of the TV Tower with perfect symmetry too.



And then I realised that I wanted a self-portrait with the Sapporo TV Tower and I set my camera on a tripod for this souvenir shot.


Tuesday 30 September 2008

CK's Cam Whoring in Japan

How time flies! I have been in Japan for exactly six months by today. If you are reading this post today, I should be on my way back to Malaysia.

I have taken about 17,000 photos for my stay in Japan, but I don't have many with myself in them. Nevertheless, these few photos are very memorable to me.

My Vietnamese friend Lam helped me to take this photo at Hitsujiyama Koen.

My friend Marlene who's working in Beijing visited me in May.

Me and Kim, Marlene's travelling companion at Isetan of Shinjuku.

My Thai friend Tap helped me to snap this photo at Kawaguchiko.

My baseball experience at Tokyo Dome.


Another cosplay act.

Posing with a video gal at Akihabara.

This was taken on a Yakatabune (Japanese traditional houseboats) at Odaiba.

I wasn't a smoker! This was also somewhere around Odaiba.

The world is in my hand! This Geo-cosmos globe is inside the Miraikan.

CK's featured in the Pachinko advertisement!

I wish every burger at Mos Burger is this size.

Me and my idol Doraemon at Asahi TV.

I was at Otaru in Hokkaido.

This was taken at the Okurayama Ski Jump Stadium, the stadium that hosted the 1972 Winter Olympics in Sapporo.

Me at Owakudani, the area around a crater created in the last eruption of Mount Hakone 3000 years ago.

Me and the pirate on Ashinoko (Lake Ashi) at Hakone.

Monday 29 September 2008

The Many Faces of Fujisan

For my six-month stay in Japan, I have seen Fujisan (Mt. Fuji) for several times. So, I dedicate this post to Fujisan for the many faces that I have seen. She looks very different at different time of the year.

View from inside a train to Kawaguchiko.

View from Hakone sightseeing boat on Ashinoko (Lake Ashi).

View from the observatory of Landmark Tower at Yokohama.

Another view from the observatory at 69th floor of Landmark Tower.

A closer look from the Landmark Tower.

The following shots were taken some time at the end of April from a plane bound for Tokyo from Hiroshima. I like this series the most as the top of Fujisan was still covered with snow.




Sunday 28 September 2008

Uni Sashimi

Hokkaido is the best place to find the freshest seafood in Japan as the whole island is surrounded by seas rich in yummy seafood. One of the best places to find seafood in Hokkaido is the Nijo Market in Sapporo.

When I was wandering around Nijo Market, I saw many types of seafood that I have never seen before. This particular shop attracted my attention as I saw many people eating something like rambutan.


A closer look at those creatures confirmed that there weren't rambutan, they were some shaved uni (pronounced as oo-nee, sea urchin).

I have tasted some uni sushi in Tokyo but it was not as fresh as these. These were actually life ones!


So, I chose the smallest one and asked the shopkeeper to prepare it as sashimi for me.


This was the best uni that I have ever had in Japan! It was just pure freshness of the sea without the odour (those who have taken the not-so-fresh uni should know what I mean by the odour). It wasn't cheap though, at ¥540 for this small one, but it was worth an experience of the freshest uni.


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