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Saturday 24 March 2012

Ascending to the Český Krumlov Castle

Český Krumlov Castle is the main attraction to the people visiting Český Krumlov. Its high vantage point offers spectacular view of the main square.

From the main square, it is an ascending cobble-stone pavement all the way to the castle.

This archway marks the beginning of the climb to the castle through the castle's main gate on its left. Beyond this archway is the boundary of this beautiful small town.

Just after the main gate, I spotted two bears wandering around the lower castle ground. They don't come out to greet the visitors that often though, so seeing them is kind of lucky.

Before entering the 1st courtyard, the castle tower can be admired at a close distance.

After entering into the 1st courtyard, the castle tower is also in sight, but the bottom part blocked by the other buildings.

The 2nd courtyard and 3rd courtyard are connected by a very steep corridor.

Half way up the climb is a viewing platform offering the view of the main square. However, this is still not the best vantage point.

I finally reached the 3rd courtyard with colourful murals. They are markedly different from the real masonry patterns.

This is where a better view of this beautiful small town can be admired, but still not the best yet.

For better view, I had to keep on ascending to the 4th courtyard.

With all these views laying before me, all the tiredness form the ascend was all washed away!

Sunday 18 March 2012

Český Krumlov: Bon Bon

Bon Bon is a chocolate shop in Český Krumlov that every chocolate lover would be crazy about. It's like a pilgrimage to the heaven of chocolate.

Even non-chocolate lover would be amazed by the selection available. There are something that you can imagine and there are something totally out of your imagination.

The more you look at them, the more you will drool. The more you drool, the more you will be tempted.

You may think that I had gobbled up tons of chocolates there, but I only walked out of the shop with a scoop of dark chocolate ice-cream. I have very good self-discipline!

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