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Saturday 31 January 2015

A Lamborghini Experience in Prague

After we had finished with the tour itinerary in Prague, there was still a few hours of free time. Therefore, we went on window shopping as well as some real shopping. Since my sister shopped in a high-end shop and made the salesperson very happy, we requested her for recommendation of good coffee nearby. She said: "Lamborghini!" without any hesitation and pointed us the direction.



Even though we had obtained the information on direction, it still took us a while to find as the café isn't called 'Lamborghini' but it serves 'Tonino Lamborghini' coffee. If not for the packets of coffee on display, we could have missed it. There is no doubt that this was one of the best coffees we had in this trip.


Since it was afternoon tea time, we ordered some items to go with the coffee. We choose the strawberry mouse cake and tiramisu. These cakes were unexpectedly good. Do not be deceived by their looks!



We were extremely satisfied with this tea break and Prague left a very good impression again in my travel journal, for the third time!


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