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Tuesday 18 September 2007

Our Arrival to Meet Jacky Cheung in K.L.

I've just been back yesterday from K.L. for "The Year of Jacky Cheung World Tour 2007" and "Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival 2007." I was struck with a very serious flu and was eventually sleeping for the whole day and whole night yesterday. I have to take sick leave after seeing a doctor today and the doctor gave me the strongest antibiotic as she said the flu during this season is a nuisance, so better kill it off as soon as possible. I feel much better now after taking the medicine, and therefore can sit in front of my PC to write this, in the midst of my sick leave, hehe! Oh, it's 4:45 p.m. now, so my sick leave has lapsed, huh!

Well, on 13/9/2007, I, Nee and Greg flew to K.L. from Kuching on MAS. We arrived K.L. at about 2:30 p.m.

All the three stooges were so happy that we would be meeting up our idol the next day [Greg should be discounted though].

I'm very happy and excited about having two friends accompanying me to the concert!

Then another closer look at my happy face, hehe!

Luck was on our side. We were given off season rate for the hotel, yeah!

And of course, we chose the I-Room with internet access. This is the view from the hotel room.

This is the reason for the internet access. Greg was mending his "Greg & Nee on the Go" blog [not "goblok"], haha!

How can I fall behind? So I started mending my "CK Go Places" blog too.

Greg & Nee have been to a steamboat restaurant before and they told me that it is very highly recommended, so we decided to go there for dinner.

Our couple friends picked us up at the hotel at around 7:00 p.m. and up we went on the hunt of good food! Why do they have to put the word Taiwan bigger than the name of the restaurant?

Dun play play! This restaurant has got some 'feng shui' pot!

Without much delay, we started ordering food from this gorgeous captain of the restaurant. Her Mandarin accent is definitely mainland China. Then Greg teased me that I should go to China to look for one like that, haha! Thanks Greg, I will consider that seriously!

We were served with some herbal drinks, as according to the restaurant owner, that it has a body cooling effect for the heaty steamboat.

This is the double-flavour pot with spicy and non-spicy stock.

The ultra-thin sliced pork fillet for us to dip inside the hot pot.

And some of the stuff were just thrown into the hot pot for thorough cooking.

I'll leave the food review to Nee on her blog as she's better at tearing the food apart, haha! I'll update you with the Jacky Cheung's concert later.

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