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Tuesday 14 August 2007

Nuts about Nuts – Beijing Travelogue (15/12/2006)

Before I took the Malaysia Airlines flight no. MH0379 back to Kuala Lumpur for a transit to Kuching, I still had the time in the morning to do last-minute shopping at the Dong Jiao Wholesale Market (东交批发市场). All kinds of goods, from food to construction materials can be found here at wholesale price. I found the nut stalls very interesting; because this was the first time I saw different kinds of nuts in their nutshells.

These are pecan nuts in the shape of a rugby ball which are sweet and crunchy.

These pecan nuts are rounder in shape but equally delicious too.

After looking at two types of pecan nuts on sale, I almost mistaken these as another type due to the same texture of the nuts inside. These are in fact walnuts.

These hazelnuts taste delicious even without the chocolate coating.

And there are hazelnuts with lighter colour nutshells.

These are almond nuts.

And more variety of the almond nut family with a lighter brown nutshells.

Do you know what nuts are these? They are macadamia nuts!

Last but not least, I present to you the chestnuts.

After seeing all these nuts, I had to pack up and leave Beijing for Malaysia. My luggage was definitely filled with some of these nuts! :-D

That ends all parts of my travelogue in Beijing.


Unknown said...

its really interesting for me to see ur photos of variety nuts! Becoz im a person like nuts so much. By the way, could u tell me how different between chestnut and hazelnut? they look the same.

CK Ng said...

Hi Hoang Trang, thanks for dropping by. Hazelnuts are smaller, probably half the size of chestnuts. Hazelnuts have thicker and harder shells which are lighter in colour too.

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