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Monday 24 September 2007

'Kolo Mee,' or is it 'Gon Lou Mee' (乾撈麵)?

'Kolo mee' or dry noodles is an authentic Kuching food in which the people here can have as breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack. The wheat noodles of 'kolo mee' are cooked in boiling water, dried and then mixed with the flavourings of fish sauce, Aji-no-moto, vinegar, lard and a little bit of sesame oil. The thoroughly mixed noodles and flavouring are then garnished with a few slices of 'cha siew' (barbecue pork), deep-fried shallots and chopped spring onions.

There is a cafe at Taman Desa Ilmu of Kota Samarahan called Popular Corner Cafe (旺角餐室) which serves good 'kolo mee.' This is a bowl of 'kolo mee' there with the hand-made noodles. The noodles are a little bit flat in cross section. You can ask for the variation of wiggly noodles or kueh teow.

Lets take a closer look at the texture of the cooked noodles and the slices of 'cha siew.' Oh my! I'm mouth-watering already!

Whenever I have lunch at this place, I never go without a bowl of dumpling soup. The dumplings are made of pork-meat paste wrapped in 'wanton' skins. The soup is just chicken or pork stock. The auntie at this cafe always pour in extra seaweed for me.

Can't see the dumplings? Never mind. Let me scoop some of them up, but for your eyes only!


Anonymous said...

so this is the kolo mee!! :)

mum used to make this as breakfast for us. we call it 长寿面。used to only eat it during birthday.. well. dunno if that's the practise in general though.. noodle as such is abit hard to come by in 大排挡。
restaurant in general, however, use this noodle to make 三丝面. i 三丝 stands for shredded carrot, shredded preserved vege and thin pork slices..

CK Ng said...

长寿面 is softer as compared to 'kolo mee.' Nicely cooked 'kolo mee' should be chewy and smooth. :)

Anonymous said...

aiyoyo... im hungry :-D

CK Ng said...

I had 'kolo mee' again for breakfast today at a coffee shop famous for the 'teh "c" peng special.' I'll put that up tonight. :D

Anonymous said...

teh c peng special. wow~~ i like it.

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