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Saturday 13 October 2007

Walking Around the Main Bazaar in Kuching

My Jedi Derbe wanted a photography outing to shoot some street activities, so she suggested to have shooting session at a wet market. I thought all wet markets around Kuching are open only in the morning, but the wet market at the Main Bazaar is open until nightfall. So, that is the market that we roamed around last night.

The stalls around the wet market are all colourful enough to be made good photography subject.

The merchandises are all arranged in a neat manner that any photography enthusiast will find it a good subject.

I took this shot to demonstrate to my Jedis Derbe and Gordon about composition of the round shapes and the diagonal lines out of a heap of fiery red tomatoes.

And this is how Jedi #1 Derbe did it. Impressive!

The tomatoes are sometimes sold in a bundle at a fixed price.

The cabbages are sorted by size that each one carries a different price tag.

Gingers are common spices used in the Malay, Chinese or Indian cooking.

These are the local fruit called 'la kia kioh' in the Chinese dialect of Hokkien. That means the 'native tomato' literally. They cannot be eaten raw. They are mostly used to cook soup of sourly taste. I like the 'la kia kioh' soup very much!

I took a close-up shot of the 'la kia kioh' to show Derbe and Gordon about the composition of 'the odd one out.'

Derbe immediately emulated that and came out with this. Very good job especially when she uses only a Coolpix P&S!

This is a very good take by Jedi #002 Gordon.

Piles of lemon grass.

Derbe's close-up of the lemon grass, including my good friends, the flies, as according to Derbe, as I took macro shots of flies quite often. HA HA!

Another demonstration of 'the odd one out' of a heap of pumpkins.

And again, emulated by Jedi #001 Derbe!

Gordon's shot is very similar to mine except that it is more cropped at the bottom. But, still a good composition.

These are the white pumpkins, not green pumpkins as they are named after the colour of the flesh.

Derbe's take. A foreigner couple came up to ask the stall keeper about these fruit and Derbe helped to explain to them, in detail!

Last but not least, the imported grapes at the fruit stall.

And again, Jedi #001 Derbe emulated it very well. I think the colours look even better. My camera ran out of battery and I couldn't get another shot of these. Well done, Derbe!

Jedi #002 Gordon's emulation was also very well executed.

It has been another wonderful evening out with Jedi #001 Derbe and Jedi #002 Gordon. They are really the best 'students' that I can find on earth, if not in the universe! You can see more photos by Jedi #002 Gordon here. I have Jedis #003~005 lining up already, I wonder who will be my Jedi #007?


Anonymous said...

I wonder is that the santok market??

CK Ng said...

Hi jimberlykyy, that's not the Satok Sunday market, it's the wet market or some call it the night market right beside the Kuching Waterfront.

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