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Sunday 4 November 2007

The Best Roti Canai and Nasi Biryani in Kuching: Azreen Cafe

I'm glad that all the Jedis arrived on time at slightly later than 8 a.m. this morning for the street shooting at the Satok Sunday Market. As according to tradition, our outing ended with a food ritual. Out of recommendation from all the Jedis, we went to the cafe nearby our shooting location, Azreen Cafe off Jalan Rubber.

This cafe looks similar to any other Muslim food cafe in Kuching, with a roti canai station at one corner of the entrance and the cashier occupying the other.

Azreen Cafe has a typical setup of a Muslim food outlet in Kuching.

The master of roti canai!

It takes months, probably years to learn how to spin that dough into paper-thin sheet.

They are about to be served on our table after a few minutes of lying on that hot plate.

Finally, the roti canai is ready for my gastronomic journey!

Another part of the gastronomy, the nasi biryani with stewed lamb in lots of spices and black sauce.

Hmmm... Which one should I start with?

In fact it doesn't matter which to start with first, the Jedis gobbled up all the food and licked the plates clean anyway!

Need directions? Let Google Earth™ guide you through. Please click on the map to enlarge if you can't see it clearly.

The roti canai and the nasi biryani are amongst the best that I've tasted in Kuching so far. Very highly recommended from me. If you do know of any other places for good roti canai and nasi biryani, please do drop me some lines. :)


Brede said...

Great field trip Sifu! Can't wait to see the rest of your shots. While Yoda was busy taking those food pics, the Jedis were already gobbling away :)

WoMbOk™♂ said...


A gastronomic affair indeed. I can't stress enough how tasty the lamb briyani is.

Sifu, can consider an advertisement fee already. For this post alone, they should give you 15 briyani meal vouchers. LOl.

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

this is one place i want to eat at when i go to meow city.

Awang said...

Hi..I like your kind of blog.Have you try this Bukhari Cafe for Beryani Kambing wow!!!!more power than Tongkat Ali .My favorite hangout fr breakfast is Bukharicafe
nice roti canai & nasi beryani and teh tarik...have a nice day.

CK Ng said...

Hi uncleawang, thanks. :) Yes, I have tried the nasi biryani at Bukhari Cafe, it's good too, but the rice is not as nice as at Azreen Cafe. For the lamb, I would say the one at Bukhari Cafe is slightly better for the it has more taste of herbs. So, overall, the one at Azreen Cafe has a better balance of the taste of the rice and the meat.

Unknown said...

there's a stall at batu lintang for biryani... dono the name tho.. haha

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