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Saturday 1 March 2008

Down Memory Lane

I dug into a box of my old stuff and found these sketches I did on the scenery I saw around Turkey more than 10 years ago. These were done either on the tour bus or in the hotel room. They really brought back a lot of memories to me: the people on the same tour, the places we have been to, the food we have tasted, etc. I can still remember the content of the conversation with May Ling and Wai Yee by the poolside of one of the hotels on one starry night.

Fellow Orion Tour group members of more than 10 years ago, if you happen to read this, please drop me a line so that we can keep in touch again, ok? All of your email address didn't work years back.

I did them on envelopes provided in the hotel room and also the envelope given by the tour operator, as I found them stiffer and easier to sketch on them on a rocking tour bus.


WoMbOk™♂ said...

Very nice sketches sifu~

haan said...

gosh u also draw well!

Astro Galaxy said...

Wow... you are very talented!

CK Ng said...

Hi Wombok, Haan and astrogalaxy, thanks for your kind compliments. These were done more than 10 years ago. My drawing skill has degraded. Haha! :D

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