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Saturday 8 March 2008

The Star that Doesn't Shine

After we had the steaming hot pot food, we all felt very bloated. We needed a walk for all those food to settle, so we took a bus going across the underwater tunnel to the Star Ferry pier on Kowloon side for a stroll and look at the night scene of Victoria Harbour.

The clock tower is the landmark of the pier, so as the Hong Kong Cultural Centre. The clock tower is probably the most photographed landmark at the Star Ferry pier, and the cultural centre looks like an alien spaceship stranded on earth.

I was quite disappointed as the view across the straits was very misty that night. However, I still try to shoot some photos with that misty feeling. I know I was just trying to comfort myself, but not many people have shot the Victoria Harbour night scene under this kind of weather.

Did you see that? I've made the Bank of China disappeared! Nobody has ever done that, I think.

Before we left for the hotel to call it a day, I spotted a traditional sailboat passing by and I took a quick snapshot of that. There ain't many left in the Hong Kong waters.


Unknown said...

These are some pretty awesome pictures!

CK Ng said...

Hi Regina, thanks. :)

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