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Wednesday 9 April 2008

Takashimaya Vs. Isetan

I have been to these departmental stores in Singapore and Malaysia and I wonder how they look like in their land of origin. In fact they are everywhere in Japan. The stores I happened to visit are all in Shinjuku.

Takashimaya at Times Square is just beside the JR Shinjuku Station, so I headed to this store straight away after coming out from the station.

Well, the layout is just like any departmental store around the world, but the variety of brands they carry can be quite different.

The cosmetic brands are the same as what we see in Malaysia, because we import them from the same origin. However, there are probably more varieties here.

This is the favourite brand of my good friend, so I dedicate this shot to her.

After roaming around and seeing the branded goods, I wanted to see how their stationery is like. I always heard a lot of their colourful and beautiful letter-writing pads and envelopes.

They even have beautiful printings on their letter-writing papers with the matching envelopes! They are just so perfectionist in everything.

Isetan on the other hand is located within walking distance from the JR Shinjuku Station. The building looks like one from the colonial era.

The layout is again nothing more than a typical departmental store.

What interests me was the food section at the basement. Their food section looks like the gift section elsewhere. Can you eat it if you receive it as a gift?

The Japanese have really turned their food into art pieces!

Although cakes are western culinary items, they have refined them further. Every bite of it is a piece of art being consumed!

Is life really like a box of chocolate? I think so, if you give a box to me.


Anonymous said...

everything is like an art in the world of japanese :)

s@m巧彦 said...

my goodness! i am drooling seeing all those chocolates, my fav!

CK Ng said...

Hi Carol and Sam, those are art pieces that I don't know how to eat! Haha!

Anonymous said...

Me Me ME...paste my photo in front of the LV shot. should do a world tour on LV. Thanks man! Shit i miss japan.

Utah Mommy said...

That is indeed a perfect place to shop and relax where you want to find something good in your eyes. Happy WW!
He's thinking ahead
Missing this house

CK Ng said...

Hey Nee, I'll find more LV shops in Japan for you. Haha!

Anonymous said...

Hi CK (Dr.), a very wonderful blog you have. Good infor. n reading pleasure. Keel it up hahaha! ... wait for new post frm you soon

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