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Friday 9 May 2008

The NHK Broadcasting Museum

On my way to the Tokyo Tower, I spotted a museum with the name "NHK Broadcasting Museum." As NHK is the largest broadcasting corporation in Japan, I decided to check it out. It was located on a small hill in the heart of Tokyo. The surrounding is very serene.

I'm always fascinated by those open-reel tape players. They just look very professional.

I present to you the great-grandfather of all video cameras!

Four lenses are always better than one.

There is a room where visitors can experience how newscasting is done. All the cameras are actually remote-controlled. It takes only one operator to maneuver all the cameras.

This has got to be the grandpa of all music mixers.

These brought back great memories my secondary school time when I always saved my pocket money to buy the cassettes of Japanese songs featured in the "Red and White" charts. It was amazing that I enjoyed the songs without understanding a word.

The Tokyo Tower is actually a radio-wave transmission tower for NHK, that's why a model of it is showcased here.

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