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Friday 20 June 2008

Tsukiya Ramen

I have been to this ramen shop just after a few days of settling down in Saitama University. The first bite onto the noodles made me fell in love with it! So, I went back several times for more. During one of the visits, I ordered the Tokusen Tsukiya Ramen with more goodies.

The bowl of ramen looked exactly the same as in the illustration.

On another visit, I ordered the Tsukemen, which was cold noodles with a bowl of dip.

A few minutes later...

I have asked the people around here whether this shop has a branch in downtown Tokyo. Unfortunately, it has only a branch near another small city. So, if you want to have taste of the ramen here, you'll need to travel for one hour from Tokyo.


WoMbOk™♂ said...

WOW! That looks incredibly delicious.. I can just imagine the time they spent just preparing the soup base. And the egg yolks! Boiled to perfection!

xoxo said...

love ramen specially during winter hehe ;-)...

CK Ng said...

Wombok> The broth at this ramen shop is fantastic, but sometimes a bit too salty for me. The egg yolks are the creamiest in hard-boilled eggs!

Sexy Momma> I love it at any time, any season. Haha! :D

Jon Wolfsthal said...

I am in Saitama, jonse-ing for ramen and found your post. Thanks. Any chance you have a more precise location, address, neighborhood?

I'll post results on

CK Ng said...

Jon Wolfsthal:> It is near Saitama University. Take the JR Keihin-Tohoku line to Kita-urawa Station and transfer to the bus bound for Saitama University. Get off at the second last bus stop before Saitama University, Daisenin Dori. You'll see it just right in front of that bus stop.

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