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Friday 21 May 2010

The Ultimate Shopping Centre of London

Any tourist who has made the way to London will be considered not having a piece of London shopping unless he or she has made it to Harrods. I made my way to Harrods via the Knightsbridge Tube Station. I think it is more a tourist sight than a shopping centre, because I saw more tourists than shoppers there.

When I was on my way to this lavish departmental store, some bored car passengers caught in the traffic jam kept waving at me, just to show me some thumbs-up to me. I don't know whether there meant themselves or Harrods, or Mohamed Al-Fayed.

I first headed to the food section, as this is my favourite part of any departmental store.

The food hall will not disappoint any food connoisseur as there were more variety than I could imagine.

I like the dessert section most as it was really colourful. However, the prices set me back from taking anything out from the display counter. Can you imagine how much does this 'fruit cake' cost? The price tag says, "£4,999.00!"

The chocolate section was also not a disappointment. However, I have seen the equally stylish and mouth-watering display in Japan.

As the leading departmental store in London, there shouldn't be any lacking in stock of English teas, or should I say "Harrods Teas."

All the other sections selling branded stuff have very typical layout which has nothing to shout about.

However, Harrods does sell jukebox machine too! This is something rare that you won't see in a normal departmental store.

Since the former owner of Harrods; Mohamed Al-Fayed, is an Egyptian, part of the departmental store was turned into an Egyptian-themed section. The escalator is also called the Egyptian escalator at this section.

Mohamed Al-Fayed also built a memorial fountain for his son Dodi Fayed and Diana, Princess of Wales. The pyramid at the centre of the fountain holds a wine glass smudged with lipstick from Diana's last dinner and the 'engagement ring' Dodi purchased the day before the fatal accident.

Harrods is no more in possession of Mohamed Al-Fayed since 8th May 2010, as it has been sold off to the Qatar royal family for £1.5 billion.

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