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Saturday 21 August 2010

Breakfasts in Oz

Food in Australia is quite good thanks to all the fresh ingredients produced locally. During my 10-day stay in Sydney, I have tried a few types of breakfast.

One of the more interesting breakfasts is the Eggs Benedict. This one was served with spinach and smoked salmon on muffin.

I had it again at another cafe and it came with bacon.

On another day, I had it with only spinach but this time it was served with Turkish bread instead of muffin.

After having enough variety of Eggs Benedict, I went for the Australian Sunrise at Pancakes on the Rock. As the name of the cafe suggests, the specialty here is pancake. The pancakes were extremely soft and yummy, not to mention the serving with melted butter and honey on top!

When I felt like having a lighter breakfast, then I went for the Vegetarian Breakfast. The stir-fried button mushroom and spinach is definitely easier on the stomach.

Every cafe serves it differently. This one came with a corn pancake.

For me, every breakfast is not complete with a cup of coffee. I would go for a cappuccino or latte anytime.


Sheryl0202 said...

Wow Egg Benedict is my favourite!!! I am going to Sydney soon! Which cafe/restaurant should I go for egg benedict?


CK Ng said...

Hi Sheryl, I think any cafe that serves breakfast will do. I had it at three different cafes and they were all nice.

Digital Flower Pictures said...

Now I am hungry.

Danielle said...

Yum! Now I'm hungry!

amandab said...

Now you have made me hungry, and I just love Eggs Benedict! I have to say, there are so many great places to have breakfast in Melbourne ... I miss it now that I have moved "out country" :(

Kim Seng said...

Hmmm... Cholesterol... I like...

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