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Thursday 25 November 2010

It's Getting Dark at Sydney Opera House

One of the most distinctive buildings in Sydney, if not the most; is the Opera House at Circular Quay. It is perhaps the most photographed building in Australia.

When I had the opportunity to visit Sydney in August this year, I did not let the chance of photographing this building slip by.

I planned my time of the visit so that I could spend time taken photos of the Opera House during the golden hour.

By the time the sun had just set, the sky turned into turquoise blue.

When the natural light is almost completely dimmed, the sky turned into a shade of sapphire blue. This is the best time to photograph 'night' scene, especially when the floodlight is turned on.

By the time the sunlight was totally dimmed out, the sky turned into pitch dark, leaving only the floodlight-lit shapes of the Opera House.


vijay said...

very nice images...


Will said...

Beautiful shots! Those "wings" llok a bit like the bridge in my WW photo this week.

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