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Thursday 16 June 2011

Back from Fairytale Land

I have just been back from my trip to Czech Republic and am still not over with the jet-lag yet. It took me more than 24 hours of flying and transferring from Prague to Kuching. However, it was a fruitful trip in terms of photos and conference materials.

Prague is still as beautiful as 7 years ago, if not more beautiful. It is much cleaner now. As for Cesky Krumlov, the fairytale-like environment is just so out of this world! It is a place that one must visit in one's lifetime.

Prague Castle and Charles Bridge at dusk

Panoramic view of Cesky Krumlov


Ruey said...

Welcome back, sifu! I look forward to your pictures of Prague. I last visited as a uni student in Spring 2001, so your travelogue is making me really nostalgic!:)

CK Ng said...

Hi Ruey, I was there also in April/May 2004. Prague still amazed me on my second visit. The streets are very clean as compared to 7 years ago, although it was already one of the cleanest European cities I have visited then. Did you visit Cesky Krumlov? It is an amazingly wonderful little medieval town!

Ruey said...

I was in Prague for 5D 4N in that trip, just enough to devote 1 day to each quarter of the town. So unfortunately, missed out on Cesky Krumlov. I think your soon-to-be-revealed pics will convince me that it deserves a visit, IF I ever go back!:)

Anonymous said...

I have been to Prague as well, but in autumn. Would like to go there in summer time. Many nice memories from that a trip!
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