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Saturday 23 July 2011

St. Vitus Cathedral: Exterior Details

As the most important church in the country, St. Vitus Cathedral definitely has many details to offer. The two towers in front have many spires that will take quite some time to count, if you have some to spare.

When you look closely, you will be able to find gargoyles all around.

However, not all gargoyles are gargoyles. Some are actually human who are gargoyle wannabes.

The rose window is something everyone would admire at the first glance of the cathedral front facade. If you look more carefully, there are actually 20th century human figures beneath it. Those are the figures of the architects.

Besides the front part of the cathedral, the clock tower is another to look for fine details.

There are mosaic walls depicting the bible stories as well near the clock tower.

If you fancy horoscope, there are something for you too.

Other than that, the rear side of the cathedral is the best part to have a closer look at the flying buttresses or count the spires.

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