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Wednesday 29 February 2012

From Praha to Český Krumlov

During my first trip to Czech Republic in year 2004, I missed out Cesky Krumlov as I didn't put it in my travelling plan. During my trip last year, I told myself I shouldn't miss this miniature Prague anymore as it is one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites.

One of the easiest way to get there from Prague is by the Student Agency excursion buses. Do not be intrigued by the agency name. It accepts passengers of all ages. I did my online purchase of the bus tickets and it was really convenient. A return trip cost me €15.60 then.

There are several bus terminals around Prague. The Student Agency buses leaving Prague for Cesky Krumlov depart from Na Knížecí which is near the Anděl Metro Station.

With the printed ticket from my online purchase containing the seat number, I boarded the bus and all set for the journey; with my headphones on.

During the journey, there will be screening of movies on the top-mounted LCD screens. I wasn't interested in the movie shown on that day and kept my own headphones on. If you are interested in the movie show, complimentary headphones are available.

There are complimentary drinks provided on board, but there is no food served. You may bring food on board and the bus attendance will not stop you from taking your own food like some budget airlines.

The rest of the journey was just sight-seeing through the glass panels. The scenery is typical country side of any European cities.

Three hours later, the bus arrived at the Cesky Krumlov bus terminal. There are two bus stations in Cesky Krumlov: Český Krumlov Špičák, north of the castle; and Český Krumlov AN, which is the main bus terminal. Remember to check the nearest bus station to your hotel upon arriving Cesky Krumlov.

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