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Sunday 4 March 2012

Český Krumlov: Moving on to the Main Square

Český Krumlov is a very small town which can be explored solely on foot. In fact no vehicle is allowed in the town besides taxis for people with disability or less mobility.

Only a few steps away from my hotel, I was already mesmerised by the beautiful view of the castle tower at a viewing platform.

A few more steps ahead, I saw a small lane; also offering the view of the castle tower. This tower has been the main feature of the skyline of this UNESCO World Heritage since its existence.

Along my way to the main square, the streets are lined with nice restaurants and beautiful shops. All the streets are paved with cobble stone, making the strolling even more enjoyable.

Perhaps there were just too many nice things along the way, and without me knowing it; I was already on the main square!

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