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Saturday 12 May 2012

How Dark is Dark?

I like dark chocolate very much. However, it is almost impossible to find dark chocolate that can be gobbled up directly from the supermarket shelves in Kuching.

In Japan, I was spoiled for choice! I first bought one box of chocolate with 72% cocoa, but found it not dark enough.

When I came across a slab of chocolate with 99% cocoa, I quickly grabbed it from the shelf, paid at the cashier and went right back to my dormitory to taste it. Yes, you hear me right, 99%! There was not a clue of sweetness and the chocolate flavour was so divine! This has got to the darkest chocolate that I have ever tasted.

I am starting to miss my time in Japan.


Nate @ House of Annie said...

I haven't seen any 99% dark chocolate here in Kuching. Too bad, I love dark choc too!

CK Ng said...

That's why I miss my time in Japan so much!

Marlene Lo said...

so the 1% is what leh? >.<

CK Ng said...

Maybe the 1% is still chocolate? Haha!

Ping said...

never found this type of dark choc here :(

CK Ng said...

Maybe I should consider importing it cause' it seems to be a market amongst my friends!

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