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Sunday 20 May 2012

Sio Bao & Curry Puff

There are two prominent bakeries hidden inside a small lane called Lorong Khai Joo (some called it 'coffin' street in the old days) in Kuching. One is called Chong Chon (長春餅店) and the other Tong Kee (棠記). I always buy from Chong Chon since the sio bao there is considered the best in Kuching. I have never tried the food staff from Tong Kee but some say the pastries there are better than Chong Chon.

Yesterday, I went to buy food stuff from this small lane again but all the pastries in Chong Chon were sold out. So, I walked across to Tong Kee to buy some sio bao and curry puffs.

To my surprise, the sio bao has very fluffy pastry skin which is very nice. However, the filling is drier than the one from Chong Chon.

For the curry puffs, the pastry skin is also very nice. The multi-layer texture can be savoured quite nicely in the mouth.

The filling is for those who like it hot. If you are not a spicy food person, this may be too spicy for you. For me, I like it hot!

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