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Saturday 16 June 2012

Afternoon Tea in a Garden

During my second day in Český Krumlov, I had quite heavy breakfast at Hotel Garni Myší Díra, so when it came lunch time I wasn't hungry. I delayed my lunch but it was already past lunch time when I was ready for it. Most of the restaurants and cafes were already preparing for afternoon tea, so I decided to have my early afternoon tea at Café Schiele.

Café Schiele is a very nicely done cafe with ancient oak flooring. In the main hall is a grand piano with its legs sawn off to become a coffee table. You may find the concoction of mismatched furniture odd in the first place but you will find the coziness once the ambiance settles in.

It also has a nice courtyard and this was the place I chose to have my early afternoon tea. It was drizzling with sunshine but the little water drops on my head didn't hurt in such a lovely garden setup. Furthermore, they were already filtered off by the foliage above.

Since I wasn't that hungry, I ordered a ham and cheese sandwich, a Cokomako and a glass of ginger tea with lemon and honey.

Ham and cheese sandwich (55 CZK)

Cokomako (45 CZK) - a dessert with chocolate, apple and poppy seeds

Ginger tea with lemon and honey (40 CZK), also with orange to be exact

Both the food and drink here were really nice. They were very tasty yet very light and refreshing. I had my money well spent.

Café Schiele is actually part of Egon Schiele Centrum, a private gallery with a collection of the Viennese painter Egon Schiele who resided in Český Krumlov some time in 1911. The courtyard is actually flanked by the cafe and the gallery.

When you are in Český Krumlov, don't forget to pay Café Schiele a visit to enjoy a cuppa.

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