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Friday 31 August 2012

British Museum: Ancient Egypt

The British Museum has a wide collection of the ancient Egypt artifacts and the exhibits span across a few rooms. The first thing that comes to one's mind when ancient Egypt is mentioned would definitely be mummies. Therefore, coffins and mummies were the things that I first saw at the exhibition rooms. The mummification itself is a big area of research for the curators.

There is even a mummy of a cat dated back to the 1st century. Cats were highly regarded in ancient Egypt and sometimes they were even divinised.

Other than mummies, there are many other artifacts on display, including this ivory figure of a woman with incised features dated back to 4,000 BC. I reckon that Pablo Picasso must have seen this and translated it to his paintings.

Most of the other exhibits are murals, statues and figurines. All of them are very colourful. The Egyptians were already good in utilising colouring materials in the ancient time.

Before I left, I took this picture of the most intricately decorated coffin amongst all the exhibits. It must had been the coffin of an important person in ancient Egypt.

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