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Saturday 23 February 2013

Whole Fish for a Person and the Soothing Cendol

When I was in K.L. on my recent trip, my friend told me that he wanted to bring me to a place for a fish meal. There is only one type of preparation for the fish - steamed. You can't order the fished cooked in other ways. Furthermore, one fish is for one-person serving, you can't share the fish. You also can't ask for a non-spicy version. I was quite curious about this place when my friend told me about it and I was more than willing to check it out.


When the fish was served, it was actually tilapia steamed in soy sauce with diced garlic, ground ginger and sliced chili. The Chinese signboard mentioned that the fish is African fish, and it is actually the nickname of tilapia in K.L. The fish was very fresh and steamed to perfection. The garlic, ginger and chili got rid of the fishiness and what's left was the sweetness and smoothness of the flesh. The one I had was a regular one which was already having strong spicy aftertaste. I can't imagine the one with extra spiciness which you can specify when putting down order!


After the meal, my friend suggested for some dessert and he brought me to a nearby petrol station. There is an Indian food stall on a truck which is parked at this petrol station almost everyday. You can have a meal here with the Indian rojak and a bowl of cendol to wash the meal down.


The cendol here was quite nice, it wasn't too sweet that suits my taste. However, the ice was coarsely shaved and it took me some time to chew the ice. It would have been better if the ice was finer. Well, probably that's too much to ask from a roadside stall.


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