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Saturday 11 May 2013

Nikon Advanced Users Group Meet Up in Kuching

For the first time in Kuching, the Nikon Advanced Users Group has met up today at the Merdeka Palace Hotel. The event was attended by about thirty advanced users of Nikon DSLR. It started with an introduction of the group and followed by some technical Q&A about camera settings.


Then a user came forward to share his travelling experience at Kawah Ijin of Indonesia and his adventured through Myanmar. He was quite hilarious and I enjoyed his sharing very much.


After the tea break, we were brought to Sarawak Museum for a model shooting session. There were three ladies for all of the participants to do photo shooting and we were free to move around to shoot. It was a very happy moment for the participants, particularly the guys. In actual fact, there was only a lady participant in the group.





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