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Saturday 7 September 2013

Nikon Advanced Users Group Meet Up 2 in Kuching

This morning, Nikon Club Malaysia has organised the 2nd Advanced Users Group Meet Up in Kuching after the 1st one on 11th May this year. This time round, we were brought to the Sarawak Museum for model shooting as a starting itinerary, a change of programme as compared to the 1st meet up where model shooting session was scheduled at the very end.





After the model shooting session, we were all brought back to the seminar room for a photo sharing session on travelling in Myammar delivered by a Nikon Club Malaysia member from Kuching. Soon after that, there was a technical sharing session on video shooting and time-lapse photography. It was an informative session although I am not into video shooting. Well, at least I have learned something new today.

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