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Saturday 14 September 2013

Passionate about Hamburgers II

After having the great hamburgers in Hawaii, I started to scout for good hamburgers in and around Kuching. There is this place called Coffee Talk at Tabuan Laru that I have heard about having good pork hamburgers but I had not been to try them out until quite recently. It was some time in August that I made my first order at Pig's Barn (that's the name of the stall) and I was introduced to the new item on that day called the 'Cawabunga' Burger. It was a hamburger with mango sauce that went well with the pork patty, as the sour taste eased the oiliness of the meat. However, I found the patty a bit too soft, probably due to high content of Spam, but taste wise was alright. The bun was toasted and was quite firm when bitten.

'Cawabunga' Burger (RM8.00)

On my second visit, I went for the chef speciality, the Black-out Burger. The bun used for this burger contained edible charcoal powder which did not add additional taste to the bun. The pork patty was the same type used in the 'Cawabunga' Burger. I would like to add that the lettuce used was very fresh. If pork burgers are for you, don't hesitate to drop by this place as it is arguably the best place in Kuching for commercial pork burgers. However, the hamburgers are not served with potato chips.

Black-out Burger (RM8.00)

The other good place for hamburgers that I discovered recently is at the Picnic food court of The Summer Shopping Mall, the latest shopping mall around the Kuching and Kota Samarahan Divisions. This one is near to my workplace and I have tasted two types of their hamburgers. The beef patty was grilled whereas the fish fillet was deep-fried. The hamburgers here have balanced taste and potato chips are standard side dish. If you are in Kota Samarahan and fancy a hamburger, do drop by this place for a good bite.

Beef Burger (RM10.00)

Fish Burger (RM8.00)

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