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Tuesday 31 December 2013

Jiu Fen: Coffee

I am a person who cannot live without coffee. Before I visited Jiu Fen (九份), all the coffees that I have tasted were hot-brewed, even for the all the iced coffees. I have heard about the ice-drip (冰滴咖啡) in Taiwan from the travel programmes on TV and when I saw it in Jiu Fen, I couldn't resist myself to try it out.


As the dripping process takes a very long long time, the number of servings is limited everyday. From my own rough estimation, every cup requires about 30 minutes or so.


So what's the verdict? I would say that I prefer the hot-brewed coffee anytime, any day; iced coffee included. My cup of ice-drip coffee had a very mild taste of coffee compared with the hot-brew coffee that I took a sip. In my opinion, the ice-drip coffee is for the beginner of coffee drinkers whom I am not.



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Kho sàn gỗ HCM said...

san go, san go ngoai troi

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