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Tuesday 10 December 2013

The Waterfall Made of Gold

Jin Gua Shi (金瓜石) was a goldmine and it is now an ecological park. Not far from the Yinyang Sea (陰陽海) is a stream with 'golden' rocks. Our taxi driver told us that these rocks are coated with gold brought by the stream water from the goldmine upstream, but the truth is, these rocks are golden brown due to the stream water that is full of iron hydroxide leached from the geological formation of this region. If these rocks were really coated with gold, I don't think we had the chance to see these rocks!


Further upstream of these golden rocks is the Golden Waterfall (黃金瀑布). The rocks are golden brown in colour due to the iron hydroxide-rich stream water as well, similar to those golden rocks downstream.


Although it was a rainy day, there were still some photographers having a photo outing with a female model. I presume that this place will be packed with photographers and models during good weather, as it is an easy access; just by the roadside, literally.



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