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Sunday 23 March 2014

Eating in Singapore: Changi Airport

During our trip to Eastern Europe last year, we had a long transfer time in Singapore. Singapore Airlines and Silkair are giving out cash vouchers to passengers having long transit time in Singapore, so we got some vouchers to be spent at the airport. Since we arrived at about noon time, we decided to spend the vouchers for lunch, and we headed to the Chinese restaurant at Terminal 2 to have dim sum.


We ordered quite a few dishes and we almost didn't managed to finish them all. The first dish was an appetiser, the golden fried anchovies. The battered anchovies were very crunchy and I quite like this appetiser.


The deep-fried stuff like cha siew puffs and yam puffs were having very crunchy crust, but the fillings were just too little and dry to make the puffs flavourful. I prefer puffs with plentiful of moist fillings.



Then came the 'phoenix' claws (chicken feet) which weren't my favourite. I had very little of that but it was quite soft and it would be to the liking of chicken feet lover, I think.


The steamed items were better at this restaurant in my opinion. All the fillings were moist and flavourful, especially the cha siew buns and custard buns. The har kao (prawn dumplings) wasn't the best I have had but was quite nice.






We also ordered the giant soup dumplings but they were not as nice as we thought. They could have been better with all the exotic ingredients inside.



Although the giant soup dumpling was a miss, the steamed items were still on par with any good Chinese restaurant. I can't say the same thing for the deep-fried items, though.


ahlost said...

the food photos snapped by you always look extra nice :)

CK Ng said...

Haha! Thanks for the compliments, Ahlost. :)

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