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Sunday 16 March 2014

Which Airport?

When I booked my ticket to Taiwan last year, it was stated in my ticket that I was to land at the Chiang Kai-shek International Airport. My sister who booked her ticket earlier told me that hers stated the landing airport as Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport. However, the flight number, flight date and time were the same. I was curious that how could the same aircraft land at two different airports at the same time?


In fact the name Chiang Kai-shek International Airport was used until year 2006 and since then the official name of the airport is Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport. I wonder why the computer system of the airline I booked the ticket still uses the old name on random basis. Hmmm...


Probably the time you book a ticket from this airline, you will probably flying to Chung-Cheng (Zhongzheng) International Airport, a name that is even older than the Chiang Kai-shek International Airport!


This is the busiest airport amongst the five airports in the island of Taiwan. Most international flights into Taiwan land their aeroplanes here.


Of all the flights that I have boarded, I have never had a chance to see the whole airport in the air until this flight I took from Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport. Luckily I had my camera in hand and I managed to snap some photos of the airport from an aerial viewpoint.



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